The Family Home Creation

Last year my husband and I moved into a three bedroom semi-detached bungalow in a nice, quiet residential area. As it was previously owned by an elderly gentlemen there is a fair amount of work to be done. For example I’m sure when it was fitted back in 1975 the now dated kitchen units would have been the height of contemporary kitchen design, but unfortunately it isn’t to our taste. A mish mash of tiles on the walls, some dodgy stains on the vinyl floor and polystyrene ceiling tiles really don’t fit into any modern kitchen we want to call our own! Needless to say the kitchen quickly became our focus and the first of a long, long list of jobs.

When most people think of bungalows they imagine they are just for elderly people but we are only in our thirties and we have two young children. At first we were unsure if we would settle into bungalow living and we certainly got some mixed responses from friends and family about our intentions, but I am pleased to say we have been very pleasantly surprised. Many of our neighbours are also young families so it’s not actually that uncommon after all.  The best thing about raising a family in a bungalow is the ability to render the hideous stairgate totally redundant! In our old house, a three storey terrace, we had three stair gates, getting up and down stairs in a hurry was impossible not to mention exhausting. We have now given away the stairgates safe in the knowledge our children are safe with everything on one level.

We got the property for a really good price so we were able to crack on with the renovations straight away starting with a brand new bespoke kitchen. We really wanted to make the kitchen the heart of the home. A safe and comfortable family room to accommodate the children. As a stay at home mum it is important I can watch the kids while preparing tea and they too love to get involved with the cooking. At the same time my husband and I wanted a romantic retreat where we can enjoy a quiet meal together when the kids are in bed. We visited some showrooms and searched online for inspiration before deciding to go for broke and call in an independent bespoke kitchen designer for a professional service. We knew this was going to be the most expensive option but we have worked so hard to save money in every other area we felt this was one room we really wanted to get right so it was worth seeking some expert advice. This proved to be a really good decision as we were introduced to new designs ,techniques, materials and appliances that we may never have considered before. I am particularly in love with my amazing new steam oven, it is incredible.

With the kitchen almost complete the bungalow is really starting to come together and it is feeling more and more like home all the time. The next big job will be to extend the third bedroom to include a small utility room and an en-suite, a bit of luxury for a very tired mum and dad!